Analyzing Your File System and Folder Structures with Python

Say you have an external hard drive with layers upon layers of cryptically named folders and intricate mazes of directories (like here, or here). How can you make sense of this mess? Python offers various tools in the Python standard library to deal with your file system and the folderstats module can be of additional help to gain insights into your file system.

File and Directory Comparisons with Python

The Python standard library offers a powerful set of tools out of the box including file system handling. In this quick little article you’ll see a couple of useful recipes to compare files and directories with the filecmp module.

Object Serialization with Pickle and JSON in Python

This is a quick little overview on how to use pickle and JSON for object serialization in Python with the Python standard library.

Local Testing Server with Python

This quick little tutorial shows how to setup a simple local testing server with Python.

Running a Python Script in the Background

This is a quick little guide on how to run a Python script in the background in Linux.

Classifying the Iris Data Set with Keras

In this short article we will take a quick look on how to use Keras with the familiar Iris data set. We will compare networks with the regular Dense layer with different number of nodes and we will employ a Softmax activation function and the Adam optimizer.

Where do Mayors Come From: Querying Wikidata with Python and SPARQL

In this article, we will be going through building queries for Wikidata with Python and SPARQL by taking a look where mayors in Europe are born. This tutorial is building up the knowledge to collect the data responsible for this interactive visualization from the header image which was done with

Compare Countries and Cities with OpenStreetMap and t-SNE

There are many ways to compare countries and cities and many measurements to choose from. We can see how they perform economically, or how their demographics differ, but what if we take a look at data available in OpenStreetMap? In this article, we explore just that with the help of a procedure called t-SNE.

Predict Economic Indicators with OpenStreetMap

OpenStreetMap (OSM) is a massive collaborative map of the world, built and maintained mostly by volunteers. On the other hand, there exist various indicators to measure economic growth, prosperity, and produce of a country. What if we use OpenStreetMap to predict those economic indicators?

Creating Slides with Jupyter Notebook

Jupyter notebook is a powerful tool to interactively code in web-based notebooks with a whole plethora of programming languages. With it, it is also possible to create web-based slideshows with reveal.js.