Working with Time and Time Zones in Python

Time conversions can be tedious, but Python offers some relief for the frustration. Here are some quick recipes which are quite useful when juggling with time.

Videos and GIFs with Three.js

Three.js is a powerful JavaScript library to create 3D computer graphics on the browser using WebGL. Here we’ll see how to create animations and videos from Three.js demos.

Understanding the Covariance Matrix

This article is showing a geometric and intuitive explanation of the covariance matrix and the way it describes the shape of a data set. We will describe the geometric relationship of the covariance matrix with the use of linear transformations and eigen decomposition.

Anaconda Cheat Sheet

This cheat sheet will help you get started with the Anaconda distribution, a popular platform for data science. Anaconda is a free and open-source distribution that includes a wide range of tools for data science, such as Jupyter Notebooks, NumPy, and pandas. This cheat sheet will help you get started with Anaconda and make the most of its features.

Running Blender from the Command Line

Blender is a very powerful professional open source 3D modelling software for 3D graphics and animation among many other tools. Many things in Blender can be automated with Python and I often use Blender directly from the command line with Python scripts. Here are some quick commands and snippets that I frequently use.

Jekyll Snippets

Some quick solutions when using Jekyll to generate static sites.

Creating GIFs in the Command Line

Creating GIFs in the Command Line is a quick and easy way to create GIFs from images or videos. You can use any image or video editing software to create your GIFs, but the command line is a great way to make simple GIFs with just a few commands.