Comparing OpenStreetMap and Wikidata

Nikolai Janakiev @njanakiev

OpenStreetMap Elements

OSM Elements

Metadata in OpenStreetMap

OSM Key Amenity

OSM Salzburg

Wikidata is a Knowledge Graph

Knowledge Graph

Semantic Web and Linked Data

  • Linking data sets on the Web
  • Extension of World Wide Web and a W3C standard
  • 1,229 datasets with 16,125 links (as of June 2018)


  • 2001 Semantic Web (Tim Berners-Lee)
  • 2006 Linked Data (Tim Berners-Lee)
  • 2007 DBPedia
  • 2007 Freebase (part of Google's Knowledge Graph)

Wikipedia Wikidata Link

Subject Predicate Object

Wikidata Data Model

Querying Wikidata with SPARQL

Wikidata Query

All Windmills in Wikidata

SELECT ?item ?itemLabel ?image ?location ?country ?countryLabel
  ?item wdt:P31 wd:Q38720.
  OPTIONAL { ?item wdt:P18 ?image. }
  OPTIONAL { ?item wdt:P625 ?location. }
  OPTIONAL { ?item wdt:P17 ?country. }
  SERVICE wikibase:label { 
    bd:serviceParam wikibase:language "[AUTO_LANGUAGE],en". 

Query link

Wikidata Windmills

Example Queries

Linking OpenStreetMap with Wikidata?

OpenStreetMap to Wikidata

  • wikidata=*, wikipedia=* tags (stable)

Wikidata to OpenStreetMap


  • iD OpenStreetMap editor with smart tagging
  • OSM Wikidata Explorer - visualize distance between OSM and Wikidata coordinates
  • OSMgadget - Mediawiki gadget to pull in OSM data while viewing Wikipedia
  • - detects possible matches and allows quickly adding them to OSM
  • Sophox - Wikidata and OSM SPARQL query service

Comparing OpenStreetMap and Wikidata

Nikolai Janakiev @njanakiev