Anaconda Snippets

Here is a short collection of commands and solutions for Anaconda with Python that I frequently tend to use.

Running Blender from the Command Line

Blender is a very powerful professional open source 3D modelling software for 3D graphics and animation among many other tools. Many things in Blender can be automated with Python and I often use Blender directly from the command line with Python scripts. Here are some quick commands and snippets that I frequently use.

Jekyll Snippets

Some quick solutions when using Jekyll to generate static sites.

Creating GIFs in the Command Line

Some quick tipps on creating GIFs in the command line.

Filtering and Converting ESRI Shapefiles to GeoJSON

In this example I used the data from Natural Earth and I wanted to extract specific countries from the “Admin 1 – States, Provinces” data set and convert the ESRI shapefile to GeoJSON.