Filtering and Converting ESRI Shapefiles to GeoJSON

In this example I used the data from Natural Earth and I wanted to extract specific countries from the “Admin 1 – States, Provinces” data set and convert the ESRI shapefile to GeoJSON.

How to extract specific regions or elements with certain attributes from an ESRI shapefile?

Sometimes its helpful to browse the data in some GIS editor and to look through the attributes. The attributes for the shapefile can be found in QGIS when loading the shapefile and by opening Layer/Open Atribute Table.

The shapefile can be directly filtered in QGIS by opening Layer/Filter… and by providing a filter expression. In my case I was interested in the iso_a2 attribute in order to select a single country. The filter expression in this data set for Great Britain would be "iso_a2" = 'GB'.

This expression can be also used with ogr2ogr to extract Great Britain into another shapefile with the command

ogr2ogr -where "iso_a2 = 'GB'" gb.shp input.shp

How to convert an ESRI shapefile to GeoJSON?

In order to convert a shapefile to GeoJSON you can simply use ogr2ogr

ogr2ogr -f "GeoJSON" output.json input.shp

All in one command

Now apply the filtering and the conversion into a single step

ogr2ogr -f GeoJSON -where "iso_a2 = 'GB'" gb.json input.shp

Here is what the selection looks like (rendered with pycairo):

Great Britain State and Provinces

Some other handy commands can be found in this GDAL Cheatsheet.

Image from Wikimedia Commons