Hello, I am a freelance data scientist and data engineer. I graduated as a Master of Science in Applied Image and Signal Processing studying in Austria, France, and the United States and I am currently based in Austria. I am interested and working in various areas spanning from data analysis and data visualization over to geospatial analysis and linked data with a strong focus on Python. I also have a passion for geometric modeling and computational design with Blender which I follow up from time to time. This blog is dedicated to some of the topics and interests I like to explore and find valuable.


I offer various freelancing services and project collaborations in the fields of:

  • Building Data Pipelines
  • Data Science and Analytics
  • Geospatial Processing and Data Analytics
  • Python Software Development
  • Data Visualizations and Reporting
  • Building Dashboards

Previous clients include Roam Coliving (NY, USA) where I was building the data pipeline and dashboards for real estate analytics working with geospatial data on a large scale using Python. For Riser GmbH (Vienna, AT) I worked on improving the routing by analyzing street networks in OpenStreetMap, creating custom routing profiles for GraphHopper and implementing a data pipeline and dashboard. For Istari.ai UG I created interactive web maps.

If you find my skills suitable for your project, feel free to reach out. You can contact me for any inquiries and collaborations at:

nikolai (dot) janakiev (at) gmail (dot) com

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Feel free to connect for any feedback, inquiries, and collaborations.

You can also keep in touch with me on the various common networks, such as Github, Twitter and LinkedIn.